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August 9
Tim Fox




     Our speaker this month is Tim Fox who needs little introduction if you’re either a fly tyer or have simply used one of his many fly creations.  His program, “Fly Selection for Northern California – Tying demonstration and discussion”, will consist of tying 4-5 of his favorite patterns for northern California while discussing why they are his favorite pattern, why he chose the pattern, which bodies of water the fly works best on and the optimum conditions, and then answer any questions regarding tying and using the pattern.


     Tim grew up in northern California fishing all the rivers and streams and, from the start, had a special interest in fly tying.  He started tying flies commercially at the age of 14 and ultimately worked in several fly shops including, notably, The Fly Shop in Redding and Kiene’s, at  which he was the general manager.   Tim now makes a living guiding both fly fishing (most northern CA rivers and streams) and hunting (wild pigs and turkeys) and working on the family ranch, but also doing some light construction work as well.


Leader's Line

    At the July general meeting we had the privilege of hearing from our own Jack Parker – a highly successful writer whose novels combine mystery, intrigue and fly fishing. He gave us an inside look on the long road to becoming a successful author.


    For our next general meeting which is August 13, we have Tim Fox for our speaker, a great friend of GBF who managed Kiene’s Flyfishing until just recently. He will be coming down from Redding to talk about his guiding services and experiences in that area – something he has done for many years.


     Meanwhile, I, and several other GBF members, are packing up to head for the Big Horn Mountains in eastern Wyoming and a 5 day horse pack trip with Bighorn Outfitters. They gave GBF members a great deal, and 10 of us are headed out. (We just hope they have a tripod and winch to get some of us onto the horses!)


 I hope you are fishing as well. See you in a few weeks.

 John Hogg

 GBF President



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“A couple of hundred dollars for a fishing pole!?¨ You'll hear that all the time if you don't keep your mouth shut in certain company. You can talk about the aesthetics and even mention a cane rod will appreciate in value while a new graphite rod will depreciate, but the best thing to do is turn around and say, ¨$9,000.00 for a car? I only paid $500.00 for mine.” ― John Gierach, Trout Bum


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