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Thursday, June 9

Blake Merwin, Gig Harbor Fly Shop


Blake MerwinOur June speaker is Blake Merwin, owner the Gig Harbor Fly Shop in the Puget Sound, WA area. He has local roots, having grown up in Granite Bay, with a lot of fond memories of fishing farm ponds in the area as well as the American River and the Sierra backcountry. He now guides Puget Sound saltwater for sea run cutthroat trout and salmon as well as rivers for steelhead and salmon.


His presentation will revolve around the opportunities with the Puget Sound saltwater fishery for sea run cutthroat and salmon (kings, coho, pinks, and chums) from the beach as well as kayak. It will also include river fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Olympic Peninsula and western Washington.

Annual President's Day Picnic - Saturday, June 11

The Club for many years promoted itself as a family oriented organization that welcomed women and children, not just a bunch of guys who wanted to fly fish, and we wanted to do something to demonstrate this.

The first picnics were held at the club activity center sometime around the fifth or sixth year of the club’s existence. Later year’s attendance began to wane and the picnic was moved to Fuller Lake that included weekend camping at the PGE group campground. Now that has waned in the last few years and we will have a new venue, Rancho Seco Lake, Herald Ca., 95638.

We will do as was done in past years, incorporate games for all: scavenger hunts for items for fly tying, fly casting for accuracy, fishing is for the kids on this day, not for the adults.

We have a beach to play on, bring your beach chair, there will be surfboards and paddle boats. There are hiking trails and over-night camping is available.

The park Entry fee is $10.00 per car for adults and $8.00 for seniors.

Food will continue to be yummy and abundant. There is no picnic fee as was charged in the past. This year our menu includes tri tip, chicken, hot dogs and all the side dishes. The Club will provide ALL food and non-alcohol drinks, so come and plan to have fun.

Our picnic will start @11:00AM, food will be served @1:00PM until everyone goes home or we run out of food. You are not being asked to bring any of the food items as we have you covered.

You will need to sign up at Members night, May 12th or by emailing Wendell Edwards. He will need to know how many adults and the number of children. He also needs to know your choice of food.

Pete Peterson – In Memoriam

Long time member, Pete Peterson passed away early Sunday morning, May 8, at the age of 79. Newer members may not have run into Pete, as his health issues, as well as those of his wife, had severely curtailed his attendance in the last couple of years.

Before that though, Pete was a fixture at all GBF events. He was the guy in the back room perking the coffee and setting up for the meeting. He was an innovative fly tyer, (Bass flies only, if you please!), and helped out with casting clinics, fly tying jams, fish outs, and much more. Pete was a great friend of Bill Kiene, and for many years coordinated club activities with Kiene's Fly shop.

Pete joined GBF in 1993 and was known as a 'bass only' fly angler, as in his opinion, trout were simply a menu item for his beloved large mouths and stripers. Pete was profoundly vague about his favorite fishing spots. Once, when asked where he had caught a particularly large bass, he replied, "Up the north arm of Folsom lake.

We intend to have a short remembrance for Pete at the June meeting.

Leader's Line


May saw a very successful members’ night with a dozen stations set up to give members an opportunity to meet one on one with experts in fly tying, casting, line construction, knot tying and much more.


And now June is shaping up to be a busy month with the Upper Sac fishout, (June 1 to 5), and the Annual Family Picnic on Saturday, June 11. The picnic has a new format this year that encourages family participation and will be held at Rancho Seco Park.


Make sure to come and cast your vote at the annual election for officers and directors which will be conducted at the June meeting.


Our condolences to the family of long time member and great friend, Pete Peterson who passed away on May 8. We will take a few moments at the June meeting to honor his memory..


Thank you.

 John Hogg

GBF President



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This Month
"The charm of fly fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope."
    -- John Buchan, 1st Barron of Tweedsmuir

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Upper Sac fishout
Wed-Sunday, June 1-5

GBF Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 7, 6:30 PM

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Thursday, June 9, 7 PM

Annual Picnic
Saturday, June 11
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Tuesday, June 21, 6:30 PM
Virginia Lakes fishout
Wed-Sunday, July

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