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Our site is designed to be a resource for club members who want to enhance their fly fishing experience through participation in various club activities. Check often for information on club fishouts, conservation projects, classes & clinics, and other activities that support our mission.

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October 8
Charlie Robinton




    Charlie Robinton is our guest speaker and will be re-capping the Delta bass fish out in August and give a talk about fly fishing for largemouth bass in the California Delta, specifically from small craft such as a float tube, pontoon boat or kayak. He will share his knowledge of flies, techniques, access points and seasonal variations, as well as tips and tricks he has learned from his experience fishing this untapped and exciting fly fishing resource.

    He has been the Fishing Manager at the Roseville Orvis store since Nov, 2014. A lifetime angler and fly fisherman, Charlie grew up in the Bay Area fishing for largemouth bass in local lakes and trout in the Sierras. He began his career in fly fishing as a guide on the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho, and since then his passion for instruction and fly fishing education has grown, taking him to the Pacific Northwest and back home to California. Charlie loves to travel and fish for just about anything, but he especially enjoys pursuing warmwater predators like largemouth bass, stripers, pike and more with a fly rod.


Leader's Line

    Lots of activity coming up in the next few months:


     Larry Lee kicks off his annual rod building class with signups at the October 8th meeting. What a great opportunity to get a custom rod at a great price and with only a modest amount of sweat equity. And October 22 marks the first day of the Upper Sacramento River fishout. Ron Rabun, retired Upper Sac guide, will be giving an in depth clinic on Saturday, October 24. So if you can only make the weekend there you won’t miss it. We have a lot of experienced anglers on this trip, and novices, or people new to that river, will get lots of help!


     Mark your calendar for our Annual Swap Meet on Saturday, December 5. Now’s the time to start dusting off some of your excess fly fishing equipment and convert it into cold cash – so you can buy more fly fishing stuff! Sellers can make a space reservation at the October general meeting. We have invited CFFU, our sister fly fishing club in Sacramento, to participate in this event and will be allocating space to them, so don’t delay with your signup! Read Wendell Edwards announcement inside for more details.


    And, beginning October 1, you can log on to the website and pay your 2016 dues, buy dinner tickets, raffle tickets, and hopefully make a donation to the club.

 John Hogg

 GBF President



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“They say you forget your troubles on a trout stream, but that’s not quite it. What happens is that you begin to see where your troubles fit into the grand scheme of things, and suddenly they’re just not such a big deal anymore.” ― John Gierach


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